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First-Year Application Process

There are so many qualities that define a Drake Bulldog: intelligence, drive, tenacity, and character.

Since we review each application for admission individually, there is no single, inflexible set of standards—such as GPA, test score, or years of courses. Instead, students will be asked to choose which application path to follow: Standard Application or Test-Flexible Application. Learn more about the characteristics and class profile of our first-year students, then choose the application path that best reflects your abilities, skills, life experiences, and potential for success at Drake.

Standard Application

The Standard application path provides a holistic admission review of the traditional admission measurements. Your application will be considered based on transcript, test score (ACT or SAT), essay, and the other factors in your application. 

Standard Application

International Student: Standard Application

Test-Flexible Application

The Test-Flexible Application path requires an interview in lieu of an ACT or SAT score report; for first-year students, this path can only be selected if they have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a weighted or unweighted scale).

Students who are not eligible for the test-flexible path include:

  • Pre-Pharmacy applicants
  • Pre-Athletic Training applicants
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy applicants
  • National Alumni Scholarship applicants
  • Home-schooled students
  • Incoming first-year students with a GPA below 3.0

Please refer to the test-flexible policy and FAQ page for more details.

Test-Flexible Application

International Student: Test-Flexible Application

International students should refer to the test-flexible FAQ for specific information on the standard and test-flexible options. Please note that you will choose your path – either standard or test-flexible – within the international application itself. 

DACA students can apply using either the standard application or the test-flexible application, based on the same eligibility criteria highlighted above.

Contact Us

If at any point in the application process you have questions or concerns, please contact your admission counselor or get in touch with Drake Admission.

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1-800-44-DRAKE (1-800-443-7253), x3181

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