Finance & Administration
Guidelines and Policies
Table of Contents


Accounting Accounts Payable Guidelines (Updated 3/10/2016)

FinAdm Record Retention Guidelines  (Updated 5/13/2013)


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Executive Purchasing  (Updated 10/1/2007)

Fixed Assets Capitalization Policy (Updated 3/10/2010)

Purchasing Card (Updated 4/2010)

Capital Expenditures (Updated 10/02/2009)

Contract and Legal Services Authority(Updated 7/1/2015)

Cell Phone Policy

 Credit Card Processing (Updated 12/09/2010)

 Golf Carts and Specialty Vehicles (11/30/2010)

 Food Services Exclusivity Policy(08/24/2015)

 Group Travel (Updated 9/25/2009)

 Parking Policy (Updated 8/14/2015)

 Personal Property/Belongings (Updated 9/25/2009)

 Transportation (Updated 1/4/2016)

 Vehicle Rental (07/30/2010)


University News
May 22, 2017
Drake Law School alumnus Terry Branstad, LW’74, the longest-serving governor in our nation’s history, has officially been confirmed as United States Ambassador to China.