Finance & Administration
Guidelines and Policies
Table of Contents


Accounting Accounts Payable Guidelines (Updated December 10, 2010)

Accounting Account Code Definitions (Added October 5, 2011)

Accounting Student Accounts Payable Guidelines(Updated August 14, 2009)

FinAdm Insurance Accident/Injury/Incident Reporting Process

FinAdm Insurance Insurance Guidelines‌ and  Forms (Updated 10/1/2013)

FinAdm Record Retention Guidelines  (Updated 5/13/2013)

FinAdm Room Reservations and Rental Guidelines for Olmsted and Levitt Hall (Updated 3/10/2010)

University Animal On Campus Guidelines (Updated 5/21/2013)


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Accounting Executive Expense (Updated 10/1/2007)

Accounting Fixed Asset (Updated 3/10/2010)

A‌ccounting Journal Entry

Accounting Miscellaneous Receivables

Accounting Payment of Relocation Expenses (Updated 12/07/2009)

Accounting Purchasing Card (Updated 2/4/2011)


Budget Budget Change Request (Updated 3/11/2008)

Budget Development (Updated 2/28/2008)


FinAdm Capital Expenditures (Updated 10/02/2009)

FinAdm Cell Phone Relinked 11/8/2010

FinAdm Contract Approval Authority (Updated 11/2013)

FinAdm Contract Process for Approval and Legal Counsel

FinAdm Credit Card Processing (Updated 12/09/2010)

FinAdm Golf Carts and Specialty Vehicles (11/30/2010)

FinAdm Group Travel (Updated 9/25/2009)

FinAdm ‌ (Updated 3/4/2013)

FinAdm Joint Degree Pricing (Updated 12/1/2007)

FinAdm Legal Authority (01/16/2010)

FinAdm Minor Children on Campus

FinAdm Parking Policy (Updated 8/2013)

FinAdm Personal Property/Belongings (Updated 9/25/2009)

FinAdm Surplus Equipment Disposal by Auction (07/30/2010)

FinAdm Transportation (Updated 5/9/2011)

FinAdm Vehicle Disposal by Auction (07/30/2010)

FinAdm Vehicle Rental (07/30/2010)


Grant Practices



Payroll/HR Overload Compensation for Non-Faculty (Updated 2/2008)

Parking Permit Payroll Deduction Policy (07/19/2013)


Purch Computer Purchases (Linked 09/23/2011)

University Policies Under Business and Finance Policy Page

Political Candidate Visits Guidelines/Policy (BOT Passed October 2012)


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