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The DELTA Rx Institute provides the prescription for change by offering tools, columns, profiles, articles and courses to pharmacy practitioners, students, and faculty. Their mission is to advance the profession by empowering practitioners, faculty, and students to boldly pursue opportunities for breakthrough achievements. The Institute instills a philosophy of life that embraces innovation and perseveres to affect change.

  • Developing Skills for Diabetes Care
    Developing Skills for Diabetes Care has been designed to allow participants the opportunity to extend their practice by developing a knowledge of the principles and learning theories to manage the patient with diabetes. Preparing participants for pharmacy credentialing exams, and the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) examination, it is expected that upon the completion of this program participants will have the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to effectively care for the patient with diabetes.
  • Shaping Your Pharmacy Future
    Where is your practice today and more importantly, where will it be tomorrow?  There have been many changes in health-care over the last several years and many more are sure to come.  All of which are making pharmacy a more competitive business than ever.  How is your practice stacking up?  Are you maximizing your business’ opportunities?  How does your practice stand up against industry benchmarks?  Where will your practice be ten years from now? Based on Shaping the Future, the successful ten-year strategic leadership program offered to Iowa CEO’s and most recently, veterinarians, Shaping Your Pharmacy Future is a strategic leadership development program series designed to put you back in control of your practice.  It is designed to bring business and pharmacy experts together to help you fine-tune your business practice and ensure its vitality into the future. 

Interested in becoming a rotation preceptor.  Precepting provides many benefits:  Professionally and personally rewarding, an opportunity to give back to the profession, access to adjunct faculty privileges, including library resources, an opportunity to learn from students who have been trained in the latest practices and procedures.  Contact the Experiential office at, by phone at 515-271-3191 or visit them online at /cphs/experiential.  For the latest Experiential Education newsletter .

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July 17, 2015
Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs and Director of Experiential Education Cheryl Clarke, PH’86, was recently selected as a Fellow of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA)
June 30, 2015