Middleton Center for Children's Rights

The Joan and Lyle Middleton Center for Children's Rights works to advance children's rights and improve the child welfare system.

Drake's Middleton Center for Children's Rights has four components:

Children's Rights Clinic – Under faculty supervision, Drake Law students in the center provide legal services to children and families in child abuse and juvenile delinquency cases.

Multidisciplinary Training – The center provides not only training in relevant law and legislation for non-lawyers—such as teachers and social workers—but also the latest medical and social research on child abuse for lawyers and judges.

Public Information – The center collects and disseminates information regarding children and families needing assistance. Students help in preparing training materials.

Public Policy Formation – Drake Law students identify issues, draft legislation, and work with lobbyists to pass legislation to improve children's rights.

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Patricia Houlihan, Interim Director of Clinical Programs; Clinician in Residence
515-271-1942 patricia.houlihan@drake.edu
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Brent Pattison, Director of the Joan and Lyle Middleton Center for Children's Rights; Associate Clinical Professor
515-271-1810 brent.pattison@drake.edu
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