First-Year Sendoffs

First-Year Send-offs provide an opportunity for incoming new Drake students and their parents to meet other Drake-bound families from the same city.  It's a great way to find rides home from Drake during the school year, get some of your last minute questions answered, and celebrate your entry into the Bulldog family!

The Parent Advisory Council would like to thank all of our gracious alumni hosts for the 2016 First Year Student Sendoff program:

  • Gary & Mary Zimmerman – Park Ridge, IL - Sunday, July 17th from 2-4pm - Register
  • Doug & Peggy Person – Kansas City, MO - Sunday, July 24th from 6:30-8:30pm - Register
  • Dave and Cindy Hansen – Minneapolis, MN - Sunday, July 24th from 6-8pm - Register
  • Joe and Leslie Aiello – St. Louis, MO - Sunday, July 24th from 2-4pm - Register
  • John Smith – Des Moines, IA - Sunday, July 24th from 2-4pm - Register
  • David Cunningham - Davenport, IA - Sunday, July 17th from 2-4pm - Register
  • Evan Vasiliades & Marisa Gift - Omaha, NE - Sunday, July 17th 2-4pm - Register



University News
March 14, 2017
Drake University will host the Iowa Interfaith Exchange, a free series from April 6-8 of more than 50 presentations, panels, and performances on the current state and future promise of interfaith activity in the state of Iowa.