Wait List Automation

Wait-list automation is a feature in which wait-listed students receive an email when a seat becomes available for them in the class. The emails are automatically generated and sent to students' email address.

Wait-list automation is not active all the time. Click here to find out when wait lists are automated and when they are not.


  • Students have 48 hours to claim their seat. The 48-hour countdown begins when the system sends the wait-listed student the notification email.
  • Students who fail to claim the seat before the 48-hour deadline will be removed from the wait list entirely. In such cases, the system will automatically repeat the notification process with the next wait-listed student.
  • Automation, when active, runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including weekends and holidays.
  • Reminder: students may wait-list for only one section of a single course. Students who wait-list for multiple sections of a course are subject to being removed from all wait lists for that course.

Wait List Instructions

How Automation Works

  1. Students wait-list themselves or are wait-listed by a Drake staff member. Students may not wait-list for multiple sections of a single course.
  2. Students remain on the wait list until a seat becomes available in the section.
  3. A seat may become available in various ways
    • A registered student drops the section
    • A seat is added to the section
    • A previously wait-listed student for whom a seat had been saved did not claim the seat
  4. When the seat becomes available
    • The system detects the available seat and notifies the first wait-listed student via Drake email.
    • The notified student has 48 hours to claim the seat.
    • If the notified student fails to claim the seat before the 48-hour deadline, the system will drop the student from the wait list and repeat the process with the next wait-listed student.

If you have questions about wait lists, please contact your dean's office or the Office of the Registrar.

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