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Salvador Leetoy

120 Howard Hall

Salvador Leetoy is a Fulbright Scholar in Drake University and professor of global communication and cultural studies in the Tecnologico de Monterrey, Guadalajara Campus. He holds a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Alberta (2008), and an MSc in Communication from the Tecnologico de Monterrey (1998). He was an instructor in the Departments of Political Science and MLCS in the U of A (2003-2008). He has been visiting fellow in the Department of International Area Studies in UC, Berkeley (2010); the Department of Journalism in the University of Seville (2011); and in the Department of Communication Studies in USD (2013). His scholarly profile combines an interdisciplinary approach of political science and sociology, with strong emphasis on politics of representation, participatory citizenship, and digital civics. He has edited and coordinated four books and published more than 20 articles in international peer-reviewed journals about the aforementioned themes. Some of his recent publications are

Leetoy, S. y Figueroa, J. (2016). #LosMurosSíCaen: Wikipolítica y la ciudadanización de la política en México. Perspectivas de la Comunicación, 1 (9), 43-64.

Leetoy, S. (2016). Notas sobre modernidad, decolonialidad y agencia cultural en Latinoamérica. Chasqui. Revista Latinoamericana de Comunicación, 131,47-62.

Vázquez, M. y Leetoy, S. (2016). Memoria histórica y propaganda. Una aproximación teórica al estudio comunicacional de la memoria. Comunicación y Sociedad, 26, 71-94.

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