About SPA

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) furthers the mission of the University by contributing to the enhancement of faculty and professional staff opportunities for creative and scholarly research development.

External support for sponsored research and other programs contributes substantially to undergraduate and graduate instruction and encourages the University to continue to develop research capabilities and provide training opportunities and technical assistance services.

All such activities augment the excellence in teaching and the quality of intellectual life found at Drake University. It is the mission of SPA to help faculty members in their search for external funds so that they may pursue new challenges that will lead to improved scholarly research, enhanced teaching experiences, and information resulting in intellectual stimulation and growth.


SPA provides Drake University faculty and staff with the services and resources they need to successfully obtain and manage funding for their research, scholarly, and service endeavors. SPA is responsible for protecting the interests of the University by ensuring compliance with sponsor rules and regulations while offering specific assistance to faculty and staff across the three stages of the funding process:


  • Help in identifying funding sources


  • Assist with budget preparation
  • Review and submit proposals to external sponsors
  • Negotiate and set-up awards


  • Prepare financial and other non-scientific reports to sponsors on projects
  • Monitor for compliance with sponsor and Drake Requirements
  • Assure reimbursement of project expenditures
  • Provide training and support to departmental budget managers
  • Answer questions and provide information to sponsors and personnel

Sponsored Programs
Administration (SPA)

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