Cash Receipt Deposit
Used for both cash and checks received.

Checklist of Project Elements Requiring Special Review & Approval
Optional checklist to determine necessary measures to ensure compliance in research and commitment of University resources.

Cost Rate Agreement
Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost and fringe benefit rate agreement, used to support indirect costs on grants and contracts with the Federal Government.

Direct Payment Form
Used to request payment to individuals (i.e. consultants, guest lecturers, etc.).

Employment Status Form
This form assigns the percentage of an employee's time allocated to one or more grants.

Financial Disclosure Form
This form is to be completed by Principal Investigators of sponsored project proposals submitted so PHS-sponsored funding agencies.

FFATA Request Form
This form is required under the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) for subrecipient transactions exceeding $25,000.

Invoice FOAPAL Form
Used to pay vendors.

Journal Entry
Used to make adjustments and corrections between accounts and/or funds.

Independent Contractor Agreement
Used to document arrangements with independent contractors. Attach a direct payment form to request payment for them.

Mileage Log
Used to request reimbursement of mileage for use of an employee's personal automobile. Only actual miles driven from Drake for business related travel are to be included. Please include a MapQuest printout to substantiate miles driven. The mileage rate used is the current IRS reimbursement rate.

Post-Award Training Module
Review of compliance policies and procedures after an award has been granted.

Proposal Checklist
Optional checklist including the steps necessary for proposal submission.

Proposal Routing Form
Required for all grants submitted on behalf of Drake University.

Purchase Requisition Form
Completion of P.O. form signals Accounting to order goods over $5,000. Also used when ordering any Apple or Dell product and/or when a vendor requires a P.O. (regardless of price).

Research Participant $25.00 or Less
Used to serve as documentation of the receipt of compensation associated with participation in a research study conducted by Drake personnel.

Research Participant Over $25.00
Used to serve as documentation of the receipt of compensation associated with participation in a research study conducted by Drake personnel.

Sample Budget Template
Useful sample budget with built-in formulas that can be used as a template/worksheet when developing proposal budgets.

Budget Narrative Sample
Useful sample of a justification for a budget.

Steps for Developing & Submitting a Proposal
Useful checklist to guide PI/PD through the necessary steps for developing and submitting a proposal.

Student Employment Status Change

Rate of Effort Report
Used to certify the percentage of effort employees devote to externally-sponsored projects. This form need not be completed for employees who submit timesheets.

Travel Advance Form
This form is used to request travel advances for University employees. A travel advance is used only in limited situations.

Travel Expense Reimbursement Form

W-9 Form
Sometimes required by vendors before they will make a payment to Drake University.

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