Funding Study Abroad

State, Federal and Drake Aid

Depending on the program and site, a semester or year abroad with a Drake-affiliated program is comparable in cost for tuition, room, and board to a semester or year at Drake.

Financial aid is available for study abroad, and the Office of Student Financial Planning reviews each student's package individually. Drake University grants and scholarships awarded to a student are limited to 50% for study abroad on a Drake affiliated provider and 100% for an exchange program and for two semesters only. All other financial aid (i.e., federal grants and loans, outside scholarships) can be awarded as allowable at 100%.

Supplemental study abroad scholarship money is available to students demonstrating exceptional financial need, as funds allow.  Students who receive a Federal Pell Grant may also be eligible to receive a supplemental Study Away scholarship from Drake.  These scholarships are awarded automatically to eligible students and do not require a special application process.

To receive Drake aid, all students except graduating seniors are expected to re-enroll at Drake for at least one semester after their term abroad. Students who do not return to Drake are expected to refund the university for any Drake aid received while studying abroad.

Global Learning Scholarships:

- Zimpleman Scholarship for Global Experiential Learning

- Olson Global Service-Learning Scholarship

- Allen Service-Learning Travel Scholarship

- Thibodeau Scholarship for Global Citizenship

- International Relations Experiential Learning Scholarship

- The Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences Scholarship

These scholarships are designed to enable students to reach their full potential as responsible global citizens. All five scholarships are need based, but have slightly different selection criteria. Please read the following descriptions to understand which scholarship(s) are appropriate for the program you wish to pursue.

Zimpleman Scholarship for Global Experiential Learning
This scholarship, funded by Kathleen and Larry Zimpleman, provides financial assistance to students who will participate in a substantive and applied immersion experience at a business, health facility, school or other organization abroad. (Experiential learning is "learning-by-doing" and includes internships, rotations, research or service projects, teaching, etc.)

Olson Global Service-Learning Scholarship
This scholarship, funded by alumnus Ron Olson and his wife, Jane Olson, supports students engaged in global service-learning, either in the US (for example, service within the Des Moines multicultural community) or abroad. (Service-learning involves meaningful community service and intentional reflection.)

Allen Service-Learning Travel Scholarship
This scholarship, funded by Doug Allen, supports students engaged service-learning that requires travel, either in the US or abroad. (Service-learning involves meaningful community service and intentional reflection.)  

Thibodeau Scholarship for Global Citizenship
Paul Thibodeau Travel Scholarships for Global Citizenship are need-based awards to assist students with the travel costs of an education abroad experience.  

International Relations Experiential Learning Scholarship
International Relations Experiential Learning Scholarships are need-based scholarships for International Relations majors at Drake University. Scholarships are for students who are engaging in experiential learning, including but not limited to internships, international travel, travel seminars, service learning, simulations, and other areas that benefit students' experiential learning.

Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences Scholarship
This scholarship is only for students studying on the Pravara Institute health program in India.
Johansen Global Experiential Learning Scholarship
This scholarship is to fund students international travel with preference given to students enrolled in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.


The next scholarship deadline is October 15, 2015.  The online application is available at

Eligibility for all Global Learning Scholarships
1) Applicants must be admitted, currently enrolled, degree-seeking Drake students. Recipients who are not graduating seniors will be expected to enroll as full time students at Drake for at least one term after completion of the program for which the scholarship is awarded.
2) With the exception of the International Relations Experiential Learning Scholarship which is offered only to International Relations Majors, students from all majors, including undergraduate, graduate and law students, are eligible to apply for Global Learning Scholarships.
3) Applicants must have a college GPA of at least 2.50 at the time of application.
4) Priority will be given to students who have financial need, as determined by the Office of Student Financial Planning and based on the results of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and/or applicant's explanation of financial circumstances. Submission of this application constitutes permission to release your financial aid information to the selection committee.
5) Students who have not previously participated in education abroad may be given priority.
6) A disciplinary check will be done and may affect an applicant's eligibility to receive this scholarship.

The Award Process

Applications must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.  The next round of scholarship application will be due in October 2015.

Applications will be forwarded to Student Financial Planning for verification of eligibility and financial need.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Vice Provost for International Programs. Decisions of the committee are final.

Applicants will be notified of award decisions approximately a month after the award deadline.

These scholarships are awarded in addition to a student's existing Drake-funded financial aid/scholarships. Scholarships cannot be used to make deposits for education abroad or other programs. Awards will be credited directly to a student's Drake account according to standard financial aid procedures.

Awards will be cancelled if the student does not enroll in the program for which the award was made. Standard Drake policies related to withdrawal apply.

Scholarship recipients agree to have their name and program information released to the donor of the scholarship and, upon completion of their program, to provide a report of the experience, what they learned, and how they were impacted by the support of this award.

Other Study Abroad Aid
Many Drake-affiliated study abroad programs also offer their own financial assistance. These may be need- or merit-based awards and require a separate application often with an earlier application deadline than the study abroad program itself. Therefore, early planning can pay off. Ask for information in the Study Abroad Office.

Gilman Scholarship--sponsored by the Department of State and provides awards for undergraduate students who receive Pell grants as part of their financial aid package.

Boren Scholarship--sponsored by the National Security Education Program and provides up to $20,000 to study a language or area that has been deemed critical to US foreign interests.

German Academic Exchange Service--Administered by the German Government, this program provides short and long-term scholarships for Americans wanting to go to Germany. This includes internship exchanges in science labs, the German Bundestag (Congress), and journalistic areas

Clinton Scholars Program--This scholarship will allow the student to spend one free semester at American University in Dubai with housing.

 The Education Abroad is turning 20 this year!  To celebrate 20 years of students studying and interning abroad with us, we've teamed up with our partners to bring you the "20 for 20" scholarship program. We have 20 scholarships for both semester and summer study abroad programs across the Asia Pacific to encourage even more students to study abroad. One lucky applicant will also receive a full ride from TEAN to a program of their choice that includes tuition, program fees, housing and airfare to study abroad in 2016. Since 1995, TEAN has been deeply committed to giving students an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience study abroad in a new and exciting culture. We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you.

Check here for more information:  20 for 20

Tuition Exchange or Tuition Rebate

These programs cannot be applied toward study abroad.  Please meet with Student Financial Planning if you have questions.


Study Abroad: Travel Warning Policy

Under normal circumstances, Drake University financial aid cannot be used to support study in a country where the State Department has issued a travel warning. Exceptions may be granted by the Provost after consultation with the Risk Assessment Committee.

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