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BFA in Musical Theatre

Audition Requirements:


  • Prepare two contrasting monologues (memorized); one must be classical (pre-1900) and one contemporary (post-1900). 
  • For this audition, please perform monologues from plays. Do not audition with monologues from film scripts/movies, television shows, or musicals. 
  • Auditions are timed; monologues should not exceed 90 seconds in length, with a total of three minutes for the audition. 
  • Actors need to introduce both monologues prior to the timed part of the audition. Timing starts with the first word of the first monologue.

Please note: you must time your monologues back to back. Any transition between monologues is part of the total three minutes for the audition.


  • Prepare two contrasting songs (memorized) from the Musical Theatre repertoire.
  • Actors must sing to accompaniment and are required to bring sheet music. For Audition Day on Campus ( Feb. 19, 2018), do not sing to prerecorded music. Make sure the sheet music is in the correct key; the accompanist will not transpose any music. Each song should be no longer than 90 seconds. 
  • Actors have a total of three minutes for the audition; the timing of the audition starts with the first piano note. This does not include the introduction of the songs. 

Please note: You must time your songs back to back. Any transition between songs is part of the total three minutes for the audition.


  • Bring dance clothes to change into. Jazz shoes/sneakers are preferred, but gym shoes are OK. 
  • Actors auditioning for the BFA in Musical Theatre will learn a short dance combination.

Important Information:

  • ONLY if auditioning at the ON CAMPUS  Audition Days, Drake Department of Theatre Arts will provide an accompanist.
  • If attending an individual audition appointment, Drake Department of Theatre Arts does not provide an accompanist. Therefore, actors must provide own music on a iPod, Phone or CD.
  • Applicants who live more than 200 miles from Des Moines may submit a video audition for consideration.

Registration Information for Audition Days

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