I am flying to Des Moines and will arrive on:
  Time (include a.m. or p.m.):
  Airline and Flight number:
  Connecting cities or flights:
I am driving to Des Moines and will arrive on:
Please check the statements that are true:

I will arrive before August 17 when the residence halls open. I want to share a room with another student at the Holiday Inn Express at Drake. I understand I am responsible for my share of the room charge, which is $50 per night per person double occupancy.

I will make my own hotel reservation at another hotel or stay with a friend. The name and address of my hotel/friend is:
(See Hotel information.)
I am going directly to an off-campus apartment which I have already arranged.

Family members who accompany you to Des Moines will need to make their own hotel reservations at their own expense. (Please refer to Hotel information.)

The following family members will be with me when I arrive:


We look forward to seeing you soon!