Full-Time Student Status

The U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) requires all Drake international students to be enrolled full time and make satisfactory progress toward graduation.

To be a full time student, you must enroll in:
•a full-time ESL program
•a minimum of 12 undergraduate credits, or 12 PharmD credits
•a minimum of nine graduate or law credits 
•an equivalent combination of ESL, undergraduate and graduate courses.

In limited circumstances (for example, serious health problems) a reduced load may be allowed by BCIS, but this requires approval by the Foreign Student Advisor prior to dropping below full-time status. Various combinations of English as a Second Language, graduate and undergraduate courses are also possible with prior permission of the Foreign Student Advisor. 

It is your responsibility to be sure your course combinations are equivalent to full time status. The International Center will be happy to help you and your adviser evaluate your status so you can be sure you are not violating BCIS regulations.

University News
April 15, 2014
Drake University’s Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship (PFGCGC) will host a discussion on the Keystone XL Pipeline initiative in collaboration with the Iowa Energy Forum. General James Jones, a former national security advisor, will discuss the benefits of the pipeline initiative.