Institutional Research & Assessment

Institutional Research and Assessment serves as a thorough source of information about Drake University. Our mission is to provide data, reports, and research that support institutional planning, strengthen teaching and learning, and promote understanding of the nature and quality of education at Drake University.

Institutional Research Activities

  • Providing college data to external agencies
  • Providing college and comparison data to academic and administrative leaders, faculty and staff committees, and the Board of Trustees
  • Support institutional planning efforst through the purposeful collection, interpretation, and application of institutional data

Assessment Activities

  • Assess student learning
  • Provide opportunities for mini-grants
  • Assist in the identification of appropriate assessment strategirs and the development of purposeful assessment plans
  • Supporting academic program reviews
University News
April 24, 2015
Drake University will soon have a new live mascot. Erin Bell, owner of the late Porterhouse, has formally agreed to direct the live mascot program at Drake.