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Opportunities for Graduates and Alumni

Drake University’s Teach in China Program offers recent graduates from any academic background with any (or no) international or teaching experience or knowledge of Chinese the opportunity to live and work in China for a year. Twenty-five graduates will be placed to teach primarily English at either the secondary or university level in one of Drake’s twelve (12) partner institutions found in seven (7) cities across China. Since 2004, the Teach in China has placed over 200 graduates in teaching positions. Whether you are interested in teaching, gaining international experience or experience in China in particular, the Teach in China Program is unique in providing the needed preparation before departure and support after arrival, and by encouraging prospective participants to contact those Drake graduates currently on the program!

To learn more about the program, come to an informational session and hear from former program participants about their experiences or look at the list of current and recent program participants and what they are saying about their experience. In case you can't make one of the sessions, check out the program introduction

'15-'16 Participants 

School Name  Name 
Guangxi Normal University, Guilin Ishaan Arora
  Laura Zbinden
  Christopher Purscell
  Alek McMullen-Cheng
Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin Rachel Ward
  Amanda Goodwin
Sichuan International Studies University (SISU), Chongqing Jeremy Hall
  Selchia Cain
  Adam Smith
  Scott Loy
  Mikhala Stutzman
  Justin Duruji
Hebei Normal University for Nationalities, Chengde Benjamin Nicholls
  Sara Brock
Southwest University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL), Chongqing Julien Lamberto
  Samantha Williams

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Previous Years' Participants (selected quote/links for blogs or Twitter)


  • Devin Ash, "Once downstairs and in the sunshine, the boy broke out his favorite phrase of my entire stay: “Let’s go!” I followed him for a little while before yelling ahead “Where are we going?” He was able to turn and shout back, “The park!” I asked if it was close or far away, using some version of mime language to get my meaning across. “Far,” he grinned back at me, turning back around to peddle faster. I kept close to him, dodging taxis and gutsy pedestrians. It took all of my concentration, but I started to find a rhythm in the movements and soon the bike ride was actually a lot of fun. On the way he pointed out his school  and, after risking our lives across a few particularly busy intersections, we arrived at the park."
  • Caleb Schmotter, "While we were out wandering around we encountered a snazzy shopping mall. Thinking that there would be a food court inside, we ventured onward. Inside we were greeted by a strange site. The entire mall, minus the top floor which consisted of an arcade, was empty. No stores. Blank walls. Lots of signage advertising "stores coming soon!" But the mall was packed with people. We still have no idea why there were so many people in an empty mall."


  • Ashton Weis, "Halloween isn’t much celebrated in China but luckily, there is a large foreign population in both Beijing and Tianjing (more so in Beijing.) My friends and I celebrated both Thursday night and Friday night. In a spur of the moment decision on Thursday, we decided to go to the bar as “dead.” We walked there and received many strange looks in the street as we went."


  • Tad Unruh"Chatting one of my Chinese students... She lucidly and simply captured the bare minimum of necessities that begat the beauty of travel." 
  • Catherine Moede"What a weekend in the wild wild west. Rugby Tour Chengdu: Cowboys and Indians @ Shamrock"
  • Jessica Bonfield, "Not surprisingly it is taking some time to get used to the ole China life again. No personal space in public areas, spicy food, unknown smells, bugs, stares, pokes etc. When I left Chongqing on July 1st I thought it was hot. Well, it is now late August and Chongqing has redefined hot. Since I have been here it has sat between 90 and 100 degrees, humid, smoggy, and all together just sweaty. I thank the air condition gods and chug my cold water while distracting myself from mine and everyone else’s sweat."
  • Jessica Thing, "My co-teacher/interpreter Ping invited me to her home for dinner. There was a festival this week called Dragon Boat Days, so we had some traditional food, including rice pudding. it was interesting haha I got to meet her husband and son (his English name is Toby), and she was kind enough to take me to a spa. We had the steam sweat rejuvenation treatment…it was 45 minutes in a steam room. We had to drink this special tea, and we couldn’t shower for 24 hours. The goal was to open up all the pores to let the toxins out. It was a little uncomfortable, but very nice."
  • Tyler O'Neil, "I’ve been having a bit of a hate/really hate relationship with the Shiz lately, but this dirty little metro went a long way in reclaiming my favor on Monday. On Monday, Shijiazhuang exploded. It wasn’t a nuclear accident or anything cataclysmic, but rather it was the official end of Spring Festival, and this one city celebrated with more fireworks than than I think the entire state of Iowa uses on the Fourth of July.


  • Emily Lofgren, "Last night, I went out with a big group of foreigners living in Chengde.  I had an amazing time.  We chatted about our holiday breaks and other relevant topics, laughed and ate delicious food.  It was really nice.  As I was leaving, I realized that not once during the night did I check my phone to see what time it was or wonder when things would wrap up so I could go back home.  I enjoyed every minute of the evening because I was fully present."

Program Contact Information

Click here for instructions on applying for a teaching position in China or contact Kirk Martin for more information.

kirk.martin@drake.edu, tel: (515) 271-3035

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