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Daniel Park

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Computer Science, Mathematics, and Music Performance Triple Major
Ames, Iowa

I’ve had a lot of great opportunities since coming to Drake, but one of the highlights would have to be the chance to play with the Des Moines Symphony.

I auditioned with the symphony in my sophomore year, and since then I’ve played Dvorak and Beethoven for concert hall audiences and performed the 1812 Overture—with real cannons—in front of a giant crowd at the Iowa capital on the Fourth of July. That concert, the Yankee Doodle Pops, is broadcast live on TV across the state.

One of my majors is violin performance, and I have many chances to perform—with the Drake Orchestra, the Drake Strings Ensemble, and two string quartets—but there is something special about playing with a professional symphony. It was a little overwhelming at first, but when you play with people of that caliber, you go above and beyond with the quality of the music. Making good music always feels great, and this is a special chance to do that.

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