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Drake is a place where lessons in literature, in life and in doing laundry are all part of the same amazing round-the-clock experience. Because Drake is very much a residential university, meaningful, memorable learning experiences happen in class, after class, and as you share a late-night pizza with friends.

Residence Halls

In each of Drake’s eight residence halls you will find all the makings of a great home away from home: nicely furnished rooms, air conditioning, cable and wireless internet, cable TV, common areas for hanging out with friends, and kitchens for cooking up a special treat.

Every residence hall floor has its own resident assistant (RA), available as a friend and resource, and you will find plenty of organized activities that provide the chance to meet people. You may also find that your new home comes with some proud old traditions, one reason each building has its own distinctive personality.

First-Year Housing

Chances are good that as a first-year student, you will live in a large double room in one of five residence halls—Stalnaker, Crawford, Carpenter, Herriott, or Morehouse. If you know another first-year student starting at Drake and would like to live together, you can request that. If not, the Residence Life staff will select a roommate with your academic interests and personality in mind.

As a first-year student, you will also take part in a special program intended to help make sure that your time here gets off to a great start. Called the First-Year Seminar, it’s a small class focusing on an interesting theme—a class that you will take with other students on your floor or in your building. Right from the start, you will have a built-in sense of connection with a group of fellow first-year Drake students that you’ll see every day.

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Housing

After the first year, you’ll encounter new choices in housing. You can live in a single, double, or triple room or a four-person suite in one of several upper-class residence halls. And, after your first two years on campus, you can choose to live in Greek or theme houses and in apartments in the neighborhood surrounding campus. These include the new Drake West Village, a fully furnished, student-only apartment complex just off campus.

Off-Campus Housing

The option of living off campus is open to students who choose to live with their parents or legal guardian, to married students, or to those who have been out of high school for two years or more. Drake Real Estate can assist you in finding Drake-owned apartments, and the Student Life Center can provide a list of other local rentals.

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