Drake University Faculty Manual

Approved by the Drake University Faculty Senate November 16, 2011

Last modified with approval of Faculty Senate December 13, 2013

Faculty Manual - pdf version


The Drake University Faculty Manual is designed to serve as a resource for faculty members. The manual contains basic University principles, policies and procedures as well as information assumed to be of interest to faculty.

Many policies have been adopted officially by the Board of Trustees and/or by the Faculty Senate. Such official action is noted where appropriate.  Other policies and procedures have been approved by the President or other administrators in carrying out responsibilities assigned to them. Still other procedures have developed through custom and usage.

Policies and procedures listed in the faculty manual may be changed, amended or eliminated by the same authority, using the same procedures that originated the policy or procedure. The Faculty Manual will be updated as appropriate by the Office of the Provost in consultation with the Faculty Senate. Suggested changes or additions to the Faculty Manual should be sent to the Provost.

Drake Mission and Vision

Drake's mission is to provide an exceptional learning environment that prepares students for meaningful personal lives, professional accomplishments, and responsible global citizenship. The Drake experience is distinguished by collaborative learning among students, faculty, and staff and by the integration of the liberal arts and sciences with professional preparation.

Drake University will enhance its position as a premier comprehensive university in the Midwest and as a national leader in higher education for learning, faculty roles, and public service.

Passed by the Board of Trustees; June 2002

Passed by the Faculty Senate; September 2002

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May 22, 2017
Drake Law School alumnus Terry Branstad, LW’74, the longest-serving governor in our nation’s history, has officially been confirmed as United States Ambassador to China.