ITS Continuous Improvement Plan

ITS is committed to continuous improvement. Our continuous improvement plan ensures that our priorities align with the university’s.

ITS has identified 11 objectives and 24 performance measures, which guide our priorities and hold us accountable to our commitments.

Please review our plan and if you have questions or feedback, let us know.

Teaching and Learning

Enhance, empower and add value to the Drake learning experience by supporting a limited but configurable set of instructional technologies.
Measure Target 2016
Overall faculty satisfaction with ITS services*  4  3.4
Faculty CIP Satisfaction average*  4  3.5
Percentage of active classes in Blackboard  50%  30.1%
Classroom Quality Index  4  not reported
Ensure all our partners gain tech literacy skills.
Measure Target 2016
Total number of users of  600  507
I know how to get training when I need to learn new technology.*  4  3.52
*Score from a question in the Survey of Administrative Services Satisfaction


Build a culture of service excellence
Measure Target 2016 2017 Status
ITS participation in Great Colleges to Work for Survey# 50%  33%  71.4%

Our review process accurately measures my job performance# > Univ. Pos. Resp.  30% (49%)  62% (50%)

Issues of low performance are addressed in my department# > Univ. Pos. Resp. 20% (39%)  45% (41%)

Percent of individual performance goals met (minus stretch goals) 95% not measured    
Ray Center Culture Assessment 4.5 3.69  3.82

Overall satisfaction with ITS services* 4  3.7    
*Score from a question in the Survey of Administrative Services Satisfaction
#Data from ITS answers in Great Colleges to Work for Survey
Routinely evaluate itself against institutional peers
Measure Target 2016 2017 Status
EDUCAUSE Core Data Survey and IPEDS data At or above index mean -0.43 -0.23

Create a culture of data-driven decision making
Measure Target 2016
Gartner Balanced Triangle 82% not measured



Ensure stability and performance with key services
Measure Target 2016
Robustness index 98.3% not measured
Improve formalized collaboration across campus
Measure Target 2016
Overall customer satisfaction metrics /survey results (ITS communication)  4.0 3.51
Number of annual relationship management meetings, initiated by ITS 300 not measured
Ensure effective project management
Measure Target 2016
Project execution index 4.0 not measured
Overall project satisfaction 4.0 not measured


Ensure financial targets are met for operational needs for all supported budget areas
Measure Target 2016
Operate within ITS operational budget  within ITS budget net balance $125,864
Reduce risk
Measure Target 2016
EDUCAUSE Information Security Maturity Index  4 3.5
EDUCAUSE Information Security Deployment Index  3.5 3.1
NSA Critical Controls Index  2.75 1.7
Number of IT Disaster Recovery tests annually  4 not measured
ITS Dashboard
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