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Parking at Drake University 2017–2018

Vehicle Registration and Permits
All students, faculty, and staff may register up to two vehicles to park on campus. An official parking permit must be displayed to park in Drake University parking lots. Vehicles without a visible, valid permit are considered unregistered and are subject to ticketing and/or towing. 

Possession of a valid, University-issued parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.

Faculty, staff, and student vehicles with state-issued handicap license plates or permits must still display a valid Drake University parking decal or permit to park on Drake property. 

Permits are non-transferable. It is a violation of University policy and parking regulations to resell or give away a permit to another person and may subject both parties to tickets and disciplinary referral.

Parking Regulations Overview
Vehicles may only be parked in clearly designated, legal parking spaces. Areas posted with signs restricting parking (handicap, service vehicles, loading zones, fire lanes, etc.) must be observed and complied with. Parking in any travel lane, taking more than one parking space, blocking another vehicle, or parking on the lawn are all prohibited. Vehicles are prohibited from all lawns, except when specifically authorized. Driving or parking on sidewalks or pedestrian ways is strictly prohibited. Parking regulations are in effect year-round, including breaks in the academic calendar. 

Drake has two types of parking lots‌, designated by signage:
(2015-2016 Parking Lot Map)

  • Commuter lots: Open seven days a week, 6 to 2 a.m.
  • Residential lots: Open 24/7

Highlighted Parking Regulations for 2017–2018:

  • Lot 16–Olmsted lot—is a commuter parking lot. 
  • Residential permits are allowed in lots 1 and 4 from 6 to 2 a.m. (no overnight parking)
  • Commuter permits are allowed in lots 18n and 24 from 6 to 2 a.m. 

For frequently asked questions on parking rules, please review our 2017 Drake University Parking FAQ or contact Drake Public Safety for additional information at 515-271-2222.

Parking Regulations and Maps

Parking Registration

  • Online Parking  Registration Process: Log into blueView, My Drake Account Tab, Click on Register for Drake Parking Tag



Policy Statement


Drake Public Safety,
     emergency 811

Drake Public Safety,
    non-emergency - 515-271-2222

- Des Moines police, fire, ambulance,
     emergency - 911

-  Des Moines police,
     non-emergency 9-283-4811

- American Republic Student
  Health Center  

- Employee Assistance Program

Title IX

Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct


(These contacts are all relative to being dialed on campus)