The Chemistry department gives annual awards for freshman academic performance, introductory research promise, organic chemistry academic performance, junior level research promise, analytical academic research, outstanding senior, and analytical chemistry academic achievement. 

CRC Press First-Year Chemistry Achievement Award is awarded to outstanding first-year Chemistry students.

ACS POLYED Organic Chemistry Award is presented to students for outstanding performance in both lecture and laboratory components of Organic Chemistry.

American Chemical Society Analytical Chemistry Award is awarded to a student demonstrating enthusiasm for and productivity in chemistry research.

Dr. William Homer & Florence Coppock Chemistry Award is awarded annually to a junior student demonstrating enthusiasm for and productivity in chemistry research. Dr. Coppock began his tenure at Drake as the Head of the Chemistry Department during which time Harvey Ingham was built. He remained in that position for over 25 years until his death in 1976.

Marguarite Wilson Scholarship in Chemistry is awarded for outstanding achievement in first-year chemistry and a strong interest in research.

Outstanding Senior in Chemistry is awarded to an outstanding chemistry major with excellent initiative and superior performance in class work and research.

All Past Award Recipients

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