Dr. Gholam Mirafzal

Professor of Chemistry
Office Location: 213 Cline Hall

Professor Mirafzal received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln under the direction of Professor Henry Baumgarten, and after his post-doctoral studies in the laboratory of Professor Nathan Bauld at the University of Texas-Austin, he joined the faculty of chemistry at Drake University in 1993.

He has taught many courses in the department including General Chemistry I & II, Chemistry for Informed Citizens, seminar in Chemistry, special topics in mass spectrometry, IR, and NMR spectroscopy. He routinely teaches 2nd year Organic Chemistry courses as well as the upper level Advanced Organic Chemistry lecture and laboratory. Professor Mirafzal is also the coordinator of organic chemistry laboratories.

Professor Mirafzal has an active research group that includes 8-10 students every semester and his projects includes development of novel synthetic methodology and catalysis, site selectivity in chemical reactions, discovery of mechanisms of the biological system, and development of environmentally safe chemical systems (green chemistry) for introductory chemistry laboratories here at Drake University and the rest of the scientific community. Because of his wide range of interest, his research group consists of students from a variety of different disciplines including Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cell, and Molecular Biology, and Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Professor Mirafzal received both teaching and research awards at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has been the recipient of Drake University College of Arts & Sciences’ Teacher of the Year Award, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences’ Teacher of the Year Award, and the University’s Madelyn M. Levitt Mentor of the Year Award.

Professor Mirafzal is the chair of the Pre-Medical Committee at Drake University and has been serving as the Drake University Faculty Representative for The National Goldwater Scholarship in Sciences. He is also the faculty advisor for several clubs and organizations on campus including Pre-Medical Club, Chemistry Club, Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Organization, and Habitat for Humanity.

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