Early Registration FAQ


Q. Who is eligible for early registration?

A.  All student-athletes and students who have eligible, documented disabilities and are registered with the Student Disability Services Office under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Q.  How do I know if I am eligible for early registration?

A.  Students who are eligible received an email directly from the Office of the Registrar notifying them of their eligibility and the exact date and time that they become eligible to register.


Q. Why do some students get to register early?

A.  One purpose is to reduce class absences due to student-athlete competition, which may include travel time and practice schedules.  A secondary purpose is to provide, as reasonably as possible, the opportunity for athletic teams to facilitate common practice times.  Last, it is to serve all students equitably, while recognizing that equitable treatment does not necessarily mean equal treatment.  The practice of allowing student-athletes and students with certain disabilities the option to register early is common among many other institutions.


Q.  How “early” is early?

A.  Eligible students who are graduate students, seniors, juniors, or professional pharmacy students in their P1-P3 years become eligible to register on Monday of the first week of registration.  Eligible students who are sophomores or first-year students become eligible to register Monday of the second week of registration.  All other students will continue to follow the current registration practice of registering in order of earned credit hours.  See table below.

  Early-Registration Eligible (students with certain documented disabilities and student-athletes)
Not Early-Registration Eligible
Graduate Students Mon, Oct 30 (morning) Mon, Oct 30 (afternoon)
Seniors, juniors, professional pharmacy students in their P1-P3 years Mon, Oct 30

Tue, Oct 31 - Fri, Nov 3 (by earned credit hours)

Sophomores, first-year students Mon, Nov 6 Tue, Nov 7 - Fri, Nov 10 (by earned credit hours)


Q.  Are pre-requisites and other registration restrictions waived for students who register early?

A.  No.  Courses that have pre-requisites or other restrictions (eg, “Business majors only”) will apply to students in the early registration group the same way they apply to students who are not in the early registration group.


Q.  How do I know when I register?

A.  Students in the early registration group will become eligible to register on either Mon, Oct 30, or Mon, Nov 6, at either 7:00AM or 7:30AM.  Students in this group will be notified by the Office of the Registrar via their Drake email address, and the notification will include the exact date and time that they become eligible to register.  Students who are not in the early registration group will not receive a direct notification from the Office of the Registrar and will become eligible to register sometime between Tues, Oct 31-Fri, Nov 3, or Tues, Nov 7-Fri, Nov 10, based on the number of credit hours they have earned through the summer 2017 semester.  For a complete list of registration time assignments, see http://www.drake.edu/registrar/registration/.


Q.  Will we be doing early registration every semester, or will this be a one-time experience?

A.  We will assess the effectiveness of the practice after the first and second years of implementation and make adjustments as necessary.  We do not expect this change to resolve every registration-related issue, but we do hope to see a reduction in class absences from student-athletes who have conflicting travel time, competition, and practice times.  We also hope this provides eligible students with documented disabilities the necessary time to acquire the resources they need. 

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