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STEM Opportunities

STEM Opportunities at Drake

A Drake degree in a STEM field can give you the academic knowledge, preparation, real-world experiences, and connections to take your talents and skills to some incredibly exciting places.

Students interested in an education in STEM now have access to brand new, cutting-edge resources in the newly opened STEM@DRAKE complex.



Completed in Fall 2017, the complex brings together science, technology, education, and math departments in a collaborative learning environment. With new lab spaces, classrooms, and lecture halls equipped with the latest technology, the STEM@DRAKE complex is designed to maximize exploration and collaboration in state-of-the-art teaching and learning spaces.

In Collier-Scripps hall, students work in collaboration stations with wall-mounted displays and modular furniture that can be easily moved to meet the individual needs of each class.

In the Science Connector building, students conduct research using a 120-foot track installed with force plates that measure how walking and running impacts the human body.

Students in the Occupational Therapy building use a four-room apartment and streetscape, complete with automobile, to gain practice in a real-world situation and provide practical training to caregivers.


STEM-related Majors and Minors at Drake

Depending on your interests and goals, Drake University offers a variety of programs to prepare you for a career in STEM.


Education STEM Endorsements

New STEM Programs

Coming in Fall 2019

Important Admission Dates

Monday-Friday - Schedule an individual visit to tour Drake

Now - Entering first year and transfer students can apply for Spring or Fall 2019

January 15 - Crew Scholars deadline

January 18 - Business@Drake Day

January 20 - Create Your Future@Drake SJMC Day

February 1 - Music Audition Day

February 11 - Teacher Ed@Drake Day

February 21 - Pharmacy and Health Sciences Day